Honda Introduces the New 2013 Gold Wing F6B

Honda has announced a brand new version of it’s Gold Wing. The 2013 Gold Wing F6B. While it will still feature many of the Wing’s comfort and luxury features, the make over gives it a new fresh look, while still retaining some of that classic Gold Wing feel.

Check out some of the features:

Low-Profile Windshield
Still offers wind protection, but doesn’t isolate you completely from the ride. Not to mention it looks pretty slick!

Six-Cylinder Engine
This is based on the Gold Wing’s 1832cc engine. Since the F6B is lighter, it will feel even more powerful than the regular GL1800

Integrated Luggage
Lockable twin saddlebags still offer some of the space you need to carry the essentials or something you may pick up along the way

Two Feature Packed Versions
The F6B comes in a standard version (see picture above) and for those who want more, it also comes in a deluxe version (see picture below). The deluxe model comes with everything the standard model does, but also adds a center stand, self-cancelling turn signals, a backrest, and heated grips. Both versions come in either Black or Red.


Standard Model Starts at $19,999  Deluxe Model Starts at $20,999

Click Here For More Detailed Info From Honda

25 thoughts on “Honda Introduces the New 2013 Gold Wing F6B

  1. Why does Honda want to look like a Harley?! Stick with the design of ’01- ’11 – great bikes…didn’t even need a cosmetic change. If i want a Harley I’d buy a one.

  2. I own 2 Harley-Davidsons,a 2003 FLHCI,also a 2011 FLHX STREET GLIDE. This motorcycle is exactly what I’ve been waiting for to be offered from the factory. I’ve wanted a water cooled,shaft driven motorcycle for a long time. This bike is as close as any factory touring motorcycle I have seen to be offered,at this time. If you don’t want a full optioned GW1800,the F6B is it. Honda will sell a lot more of these motorcycles than people think. I will buy one as soon as they become available. All the dealers in my area of south Louisiana are getting positive responses to this model, with deposits down for when they arrive.

  3. what wet dream did they wake up too!!!!! this is not a goldwing like the comment above if i want a harley i’ll buy a harley. just leave it alone and don’t change a thing, the classic goldwing will aways live on.

    • I like the wing. but always road a Valkyrie.. have 2 currently, i could not move myself to upgrade to a full wing.. BUT I bought the F6b as I like the look and it will be closest thing to a new 1800 Valkyrie… so I love it.. i agree that Honda will sell man…. I cannot wait… My Harley friends have already called me and are lining up to ride it….

  4. looks great. Will Honda offer a “hatbox” add -on with a quick realease set-up to use when you need more luggae space ? Jim

  5. I think its great to see a new style. I own 3 Harley’s and im seriously thinking of purchasing one of these. There is nothing wrong with Honda wanting to add another style Goldwing to the group. They are still keeping the original 01-12 wing just adding one more style.

  6. Hey guys my first goldwing was the 1000GL 4cl. i loved it and when i was at the point i could get saddle bags ,trunk,wind screen that made it a true Goldwing and i have had a Goldwing ever sence, so Honda If you read any of the replies do what you do but keep the Goldwing a Goldwing because we have enough Harley clones out there.
    thanks: Wild Beal

  7. The only problem I have with this bike is it should have been named something else. It is definitely not a Gold Wing!! If Honda wants to tap into another market, OK, fine. But don’t destroy the Gold Wing in the process: WingMaster Jay

  8. I was hoping this was an April Fools joke!!!!!! The 01-10’s are going up in value if that’s the case…Honda started heading down hill with the 2012,I hate to see the 2014. Wing Lover

  9. I love it, most of the comment’s here are just people who don’t ride to ride. Most of you guys are riding around with your head up your a$$, get over your “I ride a Hardly” or “Wing’s Rule” bullsh!t…..get a life, and please, sell all your bikes and quit giving those of us who love to ride whatever we are on a bad name……

    • I think it’s a great looking bike. it’s nothing wrong with a different model gold wing. I started with the GL1200 and now I have an 1800 and I loved them both. open your mind something for every tast.

  10. This bike is awsome! It looks great and you get all the benifits of the Honda quality and the 1800 luxury. Now all it needs is a Corbin seat!!!

  11. I have a 2007 Wing. After seeing the F6B and test riding it, I had to have one. Picked mine up two weeks ago and “love it”. Its a fun bike to ride.

  12. It may be a fun bike but it´s not the classic Goldwing that we have come to love over the years. Please call it a Goldwing Sport and keep the classic model alive as well

  13. Not a full dress Wing, more like the Valkrie. Just another market to sell in. If I had a reason to buy a second I would buy. I don’t happen to care for the two-tone look myself on either model as looks like a Beemer. Just my preference though!

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