Back To The Future With The New 2013 Honda CB1100

Here at WingStuff we’re all about the GoldWing. We live and breath everything that has to do with the Wing. But when we heard that Honda was releasing the retro styled CB1100 next year, we couldn’t resist paying some attention to it. It has such a great classic feel to it, and to be honest it just makes us feel a bit nostalgic. Take a look at some photos and read a little about the new bike below…

2013 Honda CB1100

The CB1100 has the same engine architecture as the CB750K0 that literally changed the motorcycle world forever. Its transverse, in-line four cylinder engine with overhead camshaft would become one of the most popular engine configurations of the late 20th century, and its electric starter, hydraulic front disc brake and build quality were ahead of their time. Except now it displaces a full 1140cc and offers fuel injection. It’s powerful and technologically advanced. It’s a bike a whole new generation of riders can appreciate.


With its exposed, air-cooled engine, steel chassis, minimal bodywork and standard riding position, the CB1100 looks like a modern classic. But this is a totally modern machine, with great handling and plenty of power. The CB1100 has 5-speed transmission, chain final drive, triple disc brakes, a 41mm conventional fork and twin rear shocks, and a steel double-cradle frame.

Price starts at $9,999

Click here for more detailed info from Honda

One thought on “Back To The Future With The New 2013 Honda CB1100

  1. I can’t wait to see this bike in the showroom….local dealer said he has orders for two already. This is the way bikes all looked when I took notice of them and wanted one. It was another 25 years before I ever bought one. Kudo’s Honda!

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