The Evolution CB Radio/Antenna Available Now

The Evolution CB Radio/Antenna Available Now

This unit represents not just good value but modern design and impressive advanced features. It is a Fully functional CB radio with plug-and-play installation as well as full use of the OEM controls and display. Additionally, the Evolution CB Radio for the Goldwing GL1800 is certainly suitable for all GL1800 model years 2001 through 2014. It comes with an available second radio mode for FRS GMRS or HAM radios using off the shelf SENA two way radio cables. The second radio connector is not fitted as standard but will be supplied if you order a second radio cable. Also included in the kit is a second audio input that can be used to integrate a GPS or Radar detector that will interrupt other audio sources when present.

Complimenting the Evolution CB Radio is an optional antenna as part of a COMBO package. Factory style CB antenna offers all the features of the factory OEM antenna, plus designed to provide the best transmitting and recieving performance. Top angle is adjustable so when the antenna is folded down it can straighten, making it easier to put a bike cover on etc. S.W.R (Signal Wave Ratio) tune capable with improved base design that eliminates wobble. Includes grounding strap and mounting hardware.

State-of-the-art electronics, performance with USB upgradable software, and advanced technical support will enhance any riding experience.


Did you hear?!

Harley is making a 100% electric bike called the LiveWire. It definitely doesn’t look anything like its predecessors, but what a bold move for a motorcycle company known for doing its own thing. Currently there is no release date or price point and the only direction given to Harley R&D, reportedly, was to make it awesome! Would you be interested in an electric Goldwing? Tell us what you think!