It’s a Wing Thing…


I recently came across an article online that highlighted 70 year young Wing Rider who has tallied over 500,000 miles and visited 49 states most recently on his 1996 GL1500 SE. It got me to wondering, how many miles to Goldwing riders, on average, rack up on one bike before they opt for another model. And how many states do these same “Goldwingers” visit during the life of their beloved Wing. Typically, in my conversation with other riders I’ve learned that 48 states is the max, with Alaska and Hawaii being the two exceptions. However, Chuck Blumhardt from Aberdeen, South Dakota, traversed up to Alaska back in 1988.  What a feat and inspiration to get out there and ride!

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Rick’s Reviews Episode 4 Lee Parks Deerskin Gloves

The wrong gloves can ruin an otherwise great riding experience. Have you ever been on a long ride and wished you had a better pair of gloves? Have your gloves been soaked in an unexpected downpour while on the road and shrink to a naggingly small size because they were made of cowhide? Are you looking for the glove that truly fits your needs? Lee Park Designs might be just for you!


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Some great new products just for you!

Some great new products just for you! works tirelessly to bring its valued customers the newest products on the market at discounted rates. This week we feature three new items just for you!


FIrst, we have the Mini Pro Inflator Deluxe Kit. Think all inflators are alike? The new MotoPumps Mini Pro Inflator combines features and certifications not found in any other inflator on the market. Designed by an avid lifetime rider, built in an ISO9001/14001, TUV Certified Factory, it’s RoHS compliant, and CE certified. That pedigree is nice, but the features are what really make this pump special. Powered by your bike’s 12v system using a cig plug, SAE plug, battery clips or battery terminal rings and only drawing 6A, it is ready any time you are. The LED work light and backlit, accurate pressure gauge make working at night a snap.


Next up, we have Mezteler’s ME 888 Marathon Ultra Tires for GL1800/GL1500. Designed specifically for the Goldwing these tires represent a new Ultra High Mileage offering from Metzeler that couples long life with Metzeler’s performance and handling. Developed in Germany for the roads of America, these tires feature tubeless technology offering consistent performance throughout the tire’s life, outstanding high and low speed stability, smooth handling, redesigned parabolic grooves for better water drainage, and deeper tread depth for vastly increased tire life.


Finally, we have the Kangaroo Fanny Pack w/ Goldwing Logo. This Official Licensed Honda Product has ample space and pockets; a large zipper pocket, large mesh-pouch pocket, 2 small zipper pockets, water bottle holder, and a convenient heavy-duty buckle and strap, adjustable up to 50 inches.  Whether you’re taking a long ride on your Goldwing or taking a trip to an amusement park with the family, the Kangaroo Fanny pack will make it easier. Keep those pockets clear and wear a Kangaroo Fanny Pack your next time out.