Lights & Chrome – Llandudno Goldwing Light Parade

It’s always heart warming to hear about Goldwing outings held across the world, whether it’s a WingDing, local rallies, international parades, or two good friends going for a ride. The Llandudno Goldwing Light Parade is no exception. But it’s also more than just its namesake. To be sure, there will be hundreds of Wings dressed up for the occasion with glimmering, flashing lights and plenty of chrome. Of course it will be a sort of spectacle where proud owners show off their upgraded and customized rides. But the parade is about far more than the lights and chrome.

It is a chance to connect with fellow Wing-Riders and share what we have in common. It is an opportunity to let humanity be humanity: to laugh, to share, to tell stories and learn from our fellow man. With so many options pulling us countless ways at any given moment it’s good to know something as simple as a light parade will allow Goldwing riders to take a break from their daily lives and meet face-to-face and get to know one another a little better. Llandudno may not be the biggest or most well known town – how many of you have heard of it before now? – but it does seem to be an appropriate venue for such a nostalgic enterprise. Dave Crowley, Chairman of the Goldwing Riders and Co, put it this way, “Some towns are more suitable than others for a Gold Wing Light Parade but Llandudno really hits the spot.”


Get more info on the Light Parade to be held this weekend – Septemper 5, 2014 – in North Wales:

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