Why We Ride: Guardian Angel Benefit Ride


We ride for adventure. We ride because we love the freedom it brings. We ride for many reasons. One such reason for Leon Yard, from North Carolina, is to help children who are in need. He is the ride coordinator for the Guardian Angel Benefit Ride in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Astride his beautiful GL1800 Honda Goldwing, Yard and many other riders will be doing what they love and help others out in the process. It’s a win-win! Basically, riders pay a registration fee for the day’s ride and proceeds will be directed toward a non-profit advocacy organization – FANCY – that helps children in the court system. 

This month, on September 20th, Yard and other riders will meet on what hopes to be a sunny, cloudless morning and ride to their hearts content. Some will ride for fun, others for camaraderie, and still others because it is what they were made to do. But all will, “Ride for the children.”

Which begs the question, What about you? Why do you ride?

Read the full article from the Fort Mill Times HERE

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