How To Review & Win…Yeah, It’s That Easy

How To Review & Win…Yeah, It’s That Easy

Online shopping is great, isn’t it? No lines, no crowds, no salesperson following you around, asking, “Are you finding everything ok?” With virtual shopping we can purchase all of our favorite goodies from the comfort of our own home, in our PJs and slippers if we so choose. Yes, it’s the good life. But, there is one challenge when it comes to buying something online. Say you want to get a new pair of shoes. You find a pair online that fits the bill, you love them, actually. You have to own them. The thing is, every shoe fits a little differently than the next. Same with shirts. And pants, And even helmets or other riding gear. When it comes to eRetail, we can’t try the product on or test it out, right?

That’s why user reviews are vital to any eConsumer. We depend on our fellow community of consumers to let us know their experience with any given product. Did it fit right? Does it last as long as an alternate brand? Would you buy it again? Without user reviews we would have little to go on. It would be almost like shopping blindfolded.

The other day, I came across a fantastic looking retro-style suitcase record player and my first impression was, “I have to get this.” But before clicking the “Buy It Now” button, I took a moment to peruse other people’s comments on it. Come to find out, a lot of customers were having trouble with playing records correctly, as well as the speaker quality of the player. However, some other reviewers have had a great experience with it and some even addressed other users’ problems in an attempt to help them get there record player to work correctly. I can take as much, or as little, of the information from the 1k+ reviews that I want and form my own educated decision on whether or not I still want to purchase any given item.


That’s why has decided to launch its “Review & Win” Product Review Contest. We firmly believe that customer reviews are so important when it comes to purchasing anything on our site, that we want to encourage, applaud and reward the customers who take the time to review a product and help out their Goldwing community by offering them a chance to win three great prizes. All you have to do is write a quick, honest review of products that you have already purchased and use. You can review one product or as many as you have purchased. The more products that you review, the greater chance that you will win! Please be sure to only review the items that you have purchased and best of luck!


Get full contest details HERE!

17 Super Strange “Stuff On Bikes” (Volume 1)

Let’s be real. In life you have to work with what you have. You’re relocating because of a new job, upgrading the homestead, need to run to the market to pick up dinner, or any myriad of “to-dos” that take up your day, but you’re not a cager; driving around locked in a four-wheel doesn’t suit you. No, you love to be one with nature and enjoy the freedom that a motorcycle affords. Or you simply can’t afford a car. Either way, all you have is a motorcycle and “stuff” to move. Time to get creative like these riders and say, “Who needs a car?”

Side note: Most, if not all, of these riders are behaving in a way unbefitting of responsible motorcyclists and we do not condone their transportation methods. Always wear proper riding gear, ride safe and enjoy!

#17 – TV Time


#16 – Mad As A Ladder


#15 – Papers! Get ya’ papers!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.51.11 PM

#14 – Now That’s Just Bananas!


#13 – He wants us to know he’s tough…but also sensitive.


#12 – The only bike with a backseat more comfortable than a Goldwing?!


#11 – Thirsty Fella? 


#10 – Gives a whole new meaning to “Playing Chicken” 


#9 – Costco Run 


#8 – “Tires! Get your tires here!” 


#7 – Move-For-Less


#6 – Mobile Home


#5 – It may take a minute to realize what’s crazy about this one.


#4 – Way to protect your investment… 


#3 – Innovative? Maybe. Dangerous? Definitely.

Wait What

#2 – Boys will be boys


#1 – It’s hard to believe he made it home alive!