17 Super Strange “Stuff On Bikes” (Volume 1)

Let’s be real. In life you have to work with what you have. You’re relocating because of a new job, upgrading the homestead, need to run to the market to pick up dinner, or any myriad of “to-dos” that take up your day, but you’re not a cager; driving around locked in a four-wheel doesn’t suit you. No, you love to be one with nature and enjoy the freedom that a motorcycle affords. Or you simply can’t afford a car. Either way, all you have is a motorcycle and “stuff” to move. Time to get creative like these riders and say, “Who needs a car?”

Side note: Most, if not all, of these riders are behaving in a way unbefitting of responsible motorcyclists and we do not condone their transportation methods. Always wear proper riding gear, ride safe and enjoy!

#17 – TV Time


#16 – Mad As A Ladder


#15 – Papers! Get ya’ papers!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.51.11 PM

#14 – Now That’s Just Bananas!


#13 – He wants us to know he’s tough…but also sensitive.


#12 – The only bike with a backseat more comfortable than a Goldwing?!


#11 – Thirsty Fella? 


#10 – Gives a whole new meaning to “Playing Chicken” 


#9 – Costco Run 


#8 – “Tires! Get your tires here!” 


#7 – Move-For-Less


#6 – Mobile Home


#5 – It may take a minute to realize what’s crazy about this one.


#4 – Way to protect your investment… 


#3 – Innovative? Maybe. Dangerous? Definitely.

Wait What

#2 – Boys will be boys


#1 – It’s hard to believe he made it home alive! 


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