40 Years of Honda Goldwings – Cycle World

40 Years of Honda Goldwings – Cycle World

It’s always a good practice to look back on ones life and follow the twists and turns with a sort of detached curiosity, observing where you probably should have turned left at a crossroads, but instead you turned right. Reminiscing on times past and thinking, “I had no idea, way back when, that I’d end up here.”

In the April edition of Cycle World there is a great retrospective on the Honda Gold Wing, King of Touring Motorcycles. One thing we really appreciate about the piece is that the author, Paul Dean, has ridden all five models of the Goldwing and can speak out of hands-on experience.


If you are a part of the Goldwing family, you may or may not already know its history and lineage, which is what much of the article is about. However the piece is about more than that. And you will just have to read it here for yourself to find out!

After you read it, we want to hear what you think! Did you enjoy it? Find it helpful? Did it trigger any fond memories of you and your Wing? Let us know in the comment section below!

Have You Ever Used the Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator?

Have You Ever Used the Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator?


Have you ever been out riding your Wing and a friend (or even a stranger) asks you something like, “What’s she like to ride?” To which you reply, “Like a dream.”

But really, how can we specifically give others an idea of whether or not THEY will feel comfortable riding a Wing – short of letting them borrow our bike for a while? We can base it on our own experience, but it isn’t the same because typically they’re built differently than us. Even if a person looks similar to our body type, they might have shorter legs or longer arms and, as a result, their riding experience will be different.

Thankfully, the Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator exists. Refer that future Winger to it and they will be able to input their height and inseam and the simulator will, well, simulate how that person will fit on a Goldwing.

It doesn’t stop there. Once the bike is selected, height and inseam given, the simulator allows us to take modifications into consideration. What if we add handlebar risers, a quality custom seat, or highway pegs to the bike? We can make those changes and view the result. We can also toggle between seeing what it will look like to have our feet on the ground or not! Pretty cool and simple to use.

For example, according to the simulator, a rider who is 4’7” with a 25” inseam would have to stand on their tippy-toes to reach the ground on a stock Goldwing GL1800 2nd Gen. Whereas, if they had a 29” inseam they could comfortably have the flat of their foot on the ground, but their legs would be almost completely straight (See below).



At 7’ tall, your arms would set at a 90 degree angle while riding, with your elbows at your side, and your knees up near the handlebars.


The ability to customize height and inseam is an important benefit since some riders are all legs while others all torso and that makes a huge difference in the riding experience.

Going back to the friend or stranger that wants to know how a Goldwing rides, in addition to saying your Wing rides like a dream, you can suggest they check out the Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator. Recommend they start with a bike they’ve already ridden – and liked the experience – and then compare it to the Goldwing. Not only will you be helping out a future Winger, you will look incredibly smart and informed while doing so!

What do you think? Is it worthwhile to use the Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator? Would you refer a potential Goldwinger to it? Is it helpful for you? Do you think it looks accurate? Let us know in the comments below.

Leonard Nimoy Goldwing Motorcycle Honors Actor


Spock, known for the vulcan grip and his unforgettable motto, was more than just an international icon. More than simply a character on the page of a script. For many of us, he reminds us of our past. Our youth, perhaps.

Although the actor who famously portrayed Spock is gone, he is not so easily forgotten. He lives on in our memories and Star Trek reruns. For one couple, Nimoy has been memorialized on their Honda Goldwing GL1500 motorcycle.

Along with other characters from the original and Next Generation Star Trek series, Bill and Ali White – from Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, England – are proud to own a bike that now pays homage to 83 year old Nimoy who passed away Friday.


The original owner of the Goldwing initially envisioned the Star Trek concept, had it painted, and agreed to sell it to the White’s with one stipulation: That they would keep the theme going.

The motorcycle has since been displayed at Star Trek and Goldwing conventions in England. Former actors from the franchise have been know to sit atop the bike from time to time.

Leonard Nimoy’s passing serves to remind us that life is short. Fleeting. And we must truly live and prosper while we are here on this earth.