40 Years of Honda Goldwings – Cycle World

It’s always a good practice to look back on ones life and follow the twists and turns with a sort of detached curiosity, observing where you probably should have turned left at a crossroads, but instead you turned right. Reminiscing on times past and thinking, “I had no idea, way back when, that I’d end up here.”

In the April edition of Cycle World there is a great retrospective on the Honda Gold Wing, King of Touring Motorcycles. One thing we really appreciate about the piece is that the author, Paul Dean, has ridden all five models of the Goldwing and can speak out of hands-on experience.


If you are a part of the Goldwing family, you may or may not already know its history and lineage, which is what much of the article is about. However the piece is about more than that. And you will just have to read it here for yourself to find out!

After you read it, we want to hear what you think! Did you enjoy it? Find it helpful? Did it trigger any fond memories of you and your Wing? Let us know in the comment section below!

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