How To Install Counteract Balancing Beads In Five Easy Steps

How To Install Counteract Balancing Beads In Five Easy Steps

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Installing Counteract Balancing Beads into your motorcycle tires couldn’t be easier. You simply want to make sure you do it the right way, otherwise you might not be completely satisfied with the result.

Before we get started, should you choose to, take a moment to get to know Counteract a bit better by watching this video:

Here’s How It Works.

Once you install the beads inside your motorcycle tire, the specially coated micro-spheres (the beads) are then tossed around throughout the tire through centrifugal force as the wheel rotates. As the force of the out-of-balance spot increases and pulls the suspension in an up and down motion, the inertia causes the beads to move in the opposite direction and rapidly shift until the complete wheel assembly is balanced.

What’s the Result? 

Improved fuel economy.

Are There Any Other Potential Benefits?

Why yes! So glad you asked. Installed correctly, these hard working little beads can help improve your ride in several ways. Not only are they easy to use and install, they can reduce vibrations for a more comfortable ride, extend the life of your tire and balance your wheels for the life of the tire.

Here’s How You Properly Install Counteract Balancing Beads:

Check out WingStuff’s short video for some visual stimulation!

Follow these five easy steps to a “T” and you should have some seriously balanced tires!

Step 1) Remove all wheel weights (from rims or spokes)

Step 2) Carefully pour the pre-measured bag of beads into the bottle, screw on the cap and clip off the tip of the spout at the mark and place on the clear tube.

Step 3) Rotate the wheel so the valve stem is at the bottom (on the rear tire rotate to any lower area most accessible) and remove the valve core with the valve core remover provided.

Step 4) Place the tube over the valve stem (if the valve stem is narrow 90 degree, simply pinch the tube onto the valve stem or use a plastic tie strap). Pour ONLY ¼“ to ½ “ of beads down the tube to the valve stem. With the bottle held upright (vertical) so the tube is slightly curved, squeeze the bottle creating a vacuum drawing the beads up and down the tube ushering them through the valve stem freely ( DO NOT POUR MORE Than ½ “ OF BEADS INTO THE TUBE AT A TIME…IT WILL CLOG). Continue this process until the squeeze bottle is empty of beads.

Step 5) Once completed ensure no beads are in the valve stem. Insert the valve core provided into the valve stem and re inflate the tire to the manufactures recommended PSI, install the valve cap provided…and ride.

Disclaimer: Counteract disclaims any responsibility for air loss or tire damage due to improper installation.

Always wear safety goggles

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

But Does It Really Work?

Auburn University (PAVE) program for advance vehicle evaluations conducted an S.A.E and TMC type II test and reported a 2.2% fuel consumption improvement. You can read the full report here: PAVE-Counteract-test. The PIT, a group within FPInnovations, one of the largest non-profit, private scientific research centers in the world, conducted the same test, with equally impressive results. It’s important to note, however, that both tests were conducted on 18 wheelers carrying close to maximum load. To our knowledge, no tests have been performed to validate fuel consumption improvement on motorcycles.

That said, one very happy WingStuff customer, Low_Rider exclaimed, “Purchased This product at a Rally from Verhulst Bike Tires. I was honestly skeptical of this product at first considering I have always used “lead weights”. But the guys that were selling it and Verhulst was endorsing it and I trust that guys opinion about tires.”

In the spirit of balance (isn’t that what these beads are all about?) here’s a critical review from floyd, “i added beads to my tires it was vary easy to do when i took it for a ride i did not notice any difrence in the ride—– as to weather they make the tires last longer not sure of any way to determin that all tires whear difrent due to conditions so how would you replicate that to know —–as to gas milage it was not as good but it was an old tank full sat over the winter so will wait for fresh gas to determin that unless gas mialage inproves the beads are a waste of money”

What do you think? Will you be getting yourself some balancing beads? Have you used this product in the past and have anything constructive to add to the conversation. We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.45.54 AM

My Favorite Motorcycle Memory

My Favorite Motorcycle Memory

Motorcycle Memories

One of my favorite motorcycle memories will always be the very first time I rode a motorcycle as a kid. You see, I began dreaming of owning and riding a motorcycle at the tender age of 14. At the time, most of my friends were riding off-road motorcycles, or dirt bikes. Of course, I didn’t have one, mainly because my mom felt it was just too dangerous. My father, on the other hand, didn’t mind. But mom had the final say, and it was a resounding “NO!” (Big surprise on both counts!).

However, I didn’t give up. I started riding my bicycle like a dirt bike! With determination, I became pretty adept at jumping trash cans with ramps and banking hairpin turns. After watching a local motocross racer practice every evening at a practice track near where I lived, I resolved to get my own bike. I read every motorcycle magazine I could get my grubby little 14 year old hands on and never stopped asking people if they had one to spare.

At that time, my uncle and I had a routine where he’d pick me up on Saturday mornings and take me to different places each time. One Saturday, to my surprise, he took me to the Honda shop to look at dirt bikes. I threw my leg over a Honda XR75, gripped the handlebars tight, closed my eyes and imagined I was out there on the racetrack, leading the pack and basking in the adoration of all my fans. Just as I thought we were going to leave, my uncle gestured toward the bike and asked me, “Do you want that?”

Wait, what?

Are you kidding me?! Do I want that?!? I couldn’t believe what was happening. It felt so surreal. Of course I wanted it! I had been dreaming and scheming and obsessing for this very thing and all I wanted was to have it. I don’t think I ever wanted anything more up to that point.

Turns out, he and my grandmother were secretly putting money aside each month without me knowing, with a plan to make my dream come true. I can still remember how touched I was by their seemingly random act of kindness. It’s something that I will never forget. In fact, even to this day it encourages me and inspires me to do the same.

So they rolled that XR75 into the service department and a few minutes later it was prepped and ready to ride. Funny now that I think about it…while we were waiting for the bike my uncle turned to me and asked, “So, do you know how to ride it?”

“You bet I do!” I exclaimed.

To be completely honest though, it was my first time on a motorcycle, so naturally I stalled out a few times in the beginning. I was filled to overflowing with a nervous excitement, enhanced by my adolescent hormones. Do you remember how that felt? Soon enough, however, I was riding and shifting around the parking lot. I can still remember my mom’s face as we came home with the bike like it was yesterday: Unhappy would be a gross understatement. But we wore her down. I believe she saw how elated I was and she finally gave in. And the rest is history.



Little did I realize at that time that it would change my life. It wasn’t long after that I was fixing my own bikes, racing motocross, and helping my friends maintain theirs. I owned so many dirt bikes in the years that followed, some might consider it ridiculous. But you can’t help what you love, right?


My uncle and my grandmother allowed my dream to come true. They gave me an opportunity and to this day there’s nothing I want to do more than ride my motorcycles!

Thanks to Uncle Frank and my grandmother, both of whom will forever be in my heart…

– Rick

What about you? What is one of your favorite motorcycle memories? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below and you could be featured in one of our future blogs!

13 Super Strange “Stuff On Bikes” (Volume 2)

Let’s be real. In life you have to work with what you have. You’re relocating because of a new job, upgrading the homestead, need to run to the market to pick up dinner, or any myriad of “to-dos” that take up your day, but you’re not a cager; driving around locked in a four-wheel doesn’t suit you. No, you love to be one with nature and enjoy the freedom that a motorcycle affords. Or you simply can’t afford a car. Either way, all you have is a motorcycle and “stuff” to move. Time to get creative like these riders and say, “Who needs a car?”

Side note: Most, if not all, of these riders are behaving in a way unbefitting of responsible motorcyclists and we do not condone their transportation methods. Always wear proper riding gear, ride safe and enjoy!

#13: Bicycle Edition – We’re trying to envision their stacking technique!


#12: Best Buddies? (Or co-workers who barely know each other…awkward)

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.50.46 PM

#11: Shoe Fetish?


#10: Fruit or Trash? We can’t tell.


#9: Family Fun (Love the Shoes!)


#8: We’d be impressed if he could hula them all while riding


#7: Fish Fetish?


#6: Family Outing


#5: That takes some serious talent

That Takes Talent

#4: A Helping Hand


#3:  Now that’s a dedicated rider


#2: It Potty Time! AKA “You Never Know When You’ll Need To Go!”


#1: Goldwing Custom Air Conditioner!

air conditioner

Tell us what you think? Which was your favorite? Do you have any photos of “Stuff On Bikes?” Let us know! We’d love to hear your feedback.

21 of The World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles – Volume 2

The world is full of creative engineers, forward thinking artists, and out-of-the box designers. At the same time, it seems that so many people are simply not satisfied with the status quo. Add those together and throw in the main ingredient, bikes, and you get some of the most unusual – and in some cases, fake – motorcycles out there, in no particular order. But admit it, you wouldn’t mind test-riding, if not owning, some of these, would you? Check out our first edition, 39 of the World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles HERE Here’s our second edition of the World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles:

#21: The “#2”


#20: The “Bohmerland”


#19: The “Anaconda” – I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting not that thing. Owned by Smokey McGill, yeah that’s really his name, and his 10 passenger ride is the real deal. Check it out.


#18: The “Spirit of Munro”

Indian Thunder Smoke

#17: The “Road Dog” – Now that’s a man’s bike, built with his own two hands!

Road Dog

#16: The “Fan Bike”

Fan Bike

#15: The “Man Bike” – Imagine fitting into that bad boy. Claustrophobia anyone?

Man Bike

#14: The “Playground Throwback” – Ah, the memories…of face planting off the playground version as a kid.

Playground Throwback

#13: The “Gear Head”


#12: The…wait, what?


#11: I’m sorry is this really considered a motorcycle?


#10: You’ve lost me…


#9: Is this for real?!


#8: Ok, this is just over the top. Does someone really ride this around? Like, on the streets?

wtf driving motorcycle x

#7: The “Junkyard Special” aka “Heap Pile”

Junkyard Heap Pile

#6: The “Ain’t No Bull”

Ain't No Bull

#5: The “Budget Bike”

Budget Bike

#4: The “Scamper” – For just under $2000, you can’t beat the price!


#3: The “Puff the Magic Dragon” – These guys must be really secure with themselves or from another world…or both.

Puff the Magic Dragon

#2: The “Rub-A-Dub-Tub Cruiser” – Ever running late for work and not enough time to shower off? Problem solved!

Rub A Dub Cruiser

#1: The “DIY Goldwing Reverse Trike” – There is truly no limit to the innovation of man.


Can’t get enough of the World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles? Check out our first edition HERE!

7 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Quail Ride & Motorcycle Gathering In Monterey, CA

7 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Quail Ride & Motorcycle Gathering In Monterey, CA

e039561060fa980e503aa15d90ad0b40 One of the most popular and famous rides in our fair country takes you through the unforgettable central California coast. Just off of the iconic highway 1 in Monterey is a 100 mile coastal journey with historic attractions, Pebble Beach Golf Course, and of course the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Just east of the 1 is the Quail Lodge Resort and Gold Club, which happens to be hosting the Quail Motorcycle Gathering this May. Combine the two and you have yourself and nice little weekend on your hands. Of course, if you’re from one of the other states, the trek is probably a bit too cumbersome save for the most seasoned and dedicated riders. However, if you live in California and love motorcycles you might want to seriously consider taking a trip to Monterey this May and here are 7 reasons why:

7. Let’s Face It, Monterey is Gorgeous

Riding in and around Monterey is a no-brainer. It’s quite possibly the best stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway 1 ride, with Big Sur just to the south and the bay to the north. So use this motorcycle gathering as an excuse to get out to the California coast during the perfect time of year and soak it all in. Monterey

6. Two AMA Grand National Champions Will Be In Attendance

Mert Lawwill (1969) and Gene Romero were both inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame back in 1998 and are being honored at the event. Mert Lawwill 504d1c74cc7ee53955868885e1309ab0

5. A Tribute To Military Motorcycles

The featured display for the event is going to be an impressive array of military bikes from Germany, Denmark, England, Italy, and of course the United States. Not only will you be able to view these really cool, historic bikes, you will also get to see the evolution of the motorcycle from World War I until today. vowTBPM image

4. The Quail Ride Friday, May 15, 2015

A 100 mile route through the back roads of the Monterey Peninsula, led by legendary champion Gene Romero and surrounded by beautiful scenery and 99 riders. That’s only if you make the cut. The ride is limited to 100 riders so you better get a ticket quick! If you are able to get one, you’ll enjoy a full day of riding, including a snack stop, gourmet lunch and concluding at The Quail Motorcycle Dinner. The Quail Ride ticket also gets you admission to:

3. The Quail Motorcycle Gathering Saturday, May 16, 2015

This incredible event celebrates pre-war and post-war era motorcycles and promises to have more than 300 hundred custom bikes for viewing. Not bad. Not bad at all. Quail1 2010_Motorcycle_10

2. Cycle World Tour

If you can’t get a “golden” ticket for the Quail Run, perhaps you can be a part of the Cycle World Tour. Leaving May 16 at 8:15AM, they will do a 50 mile ride through the Monterey Peninsula. The leader of the pack on this ride will be on a 1975 GL1000. Pretty cool.

1. Honor 40 Years of the Honda Goldwing

This year, Honda will exhibit all five Goldwing models as part of its display. What a cool way to experience the evolution of the Wing all in one setting. Milestone_Gold_Wing_11 It sounds like a really great adventure and we encourage you to join in if you can. Whatever you do that weekend, make sure you find some time to get out there on your Wing and enjoy the ride!