A Travel Kit Every SafeRider Should Have

The riding season is upon us. All our hard winter work has paid off as we roll out our bikes, get out on the open road and explore. We’ve made our lists of general maintenance items and accessories that we needed and meticulously worked on our motorcycles with loving care. And now it’s time to reap the fruit of our labor. We hear the call of freedom that the open road offers.

But, do we have everything we need for the ride? Are all the essentials stowed away in our saddlebags? That’s’ where the SafeRider Travel Kit comes in. It’s packed with 8 must-have items that every SafeRider should own at a ridiculously low price: Stop & Go Tubeless Pocket Tire Plugger in case you get a flat, 14-In-1 Multi-Purpose Screwdriver, Aluminum Multitool for those MacGyver moments, LED Pocket Inspection Light, Pencil Tire Guage, Motion Pro Nitro Tape, an assortment of zip ties, and the SafeRider First Aid Kit.

You never know what could happen out there. Always be prepared for the road ahead or help out a fellow stranded motorcyclist. Get one today and be a SafeRider!

What do you think? Are there items that you would add to or take away from this travel kit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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