Favorite Motorcycle Memories

We forget many things in life, but for those of us who ride, there are certain memories with our bikes that will stay with us forever. So what about you? What’s one of your favorite motorcycle memories?

Below is a sampling of favorite motorcycle memories from riders like you. Take a minute to read their stories and you’ll probably find yourself thinking, “Something like that happened to me too!” If you feel so inclined, leave the community one of your most fond riding memories in the comment section below. Who knows, it just might be featured in our next Motorcycle Memory blog.

David from Ohio/Wisconson:

“First trip out west to Sturgis, Mount Rushmore, Devils tower, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.”


sccaz from Kansas:

“Going down a hill in the woods without brakes(unknowingly), dodging trees along the way, only to have an excessively abrupt stop at the bottom due to a ditch that prevented me from blindly crossing a county road on my childhood friends Indian 80. Oh, and I was screaming like a girl too. Wasn’t ashamed at that point, lol. Not necessarily a favorite, but definitely memorable.”

Dennis from Arizona:

“So many, but this was my first motorcycle tour, on my first “freeway legal” mount. This is King’s Canyon…or Sequoia, National Park. It froze and snowed and rained all the way home. Good times. I was hooked!”


NVSB4 from Texas:

“My best was probably taking a long ride with a group of long-time friends up into Arkansas before both couples moved away. We camped out that night and shared several bottles of wine and countless stories. Strangely enough, my bike broke down the next day (it was a H-D by the way) and it had to be towed. The wife and I had to ride on the back of some of the other’s bikes, but didn’t seem to spoil the trip.”

Ron from Washington State:

“A few years ago we had stopped at the McDonalds in Leavenworth, Wa. When we came out to the bike there was a woman sitting in a Mercedes next to the bike. She ask if it was our bike. Said yes. She said, “It is the most Elegant motorcycle I’ve ever seen.” Couldn’t help but grin all afternoon.”


Daryl from Alberta, Canada:

“1985 summer. We rode from here to Sandpoint Idaho on the 1200 Interstate and took a “short detour” into the Bitteroot Mountains near Thompson Pass on our way to the first time on the Going to the Sun road. Was a totally idealic location. But what really made it memorable was the campground hosts (when they saw our Alberta plate) asked “How in the tarnation did you find us way back here in the middle of nowhere?” I replied “we followed the map.” He said ” Sonny, (I was the ripe old age of 28) lemme see that there map.” so I showed him. “Hey Ethel, did you know we’s on the dad gum map?”

For the life of me I can’t recall the name of the state campground, and the map book is long gone, but that conversation will stick with me forever.”

What about you? What is one of your favorite motorcycle memories? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below and you could be featured in one of our future blogs!

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