Going On A Camping Trip? Here’s What You Need To Pack

It’s the night before the big camping trip you’ve been waiting for. You’re packing your things, maybe doing some last minute laundry. Finally, you get everything all packed up, but you feel as if you’ve missed something. Socks? No you have plenty of those. Zip ties? Check. A flashlight? Check. Well then what is it? You fret for a minute or two or ten and then finally say, “Oh forget it,” and try to convince yourself that you’ve remembered everything. But somewhere in the back of your mind the thought lingers until, at the end of the first day’s ride, you lay your head down and realize you forgot your ear plugs and Jim across the way is sawing logs in his sleep!

You’re not alone in this. We all have a tendency to forget an item here or there whenever we go on a trip. So why wouldn’t you keep and maintain a checklist of sorts for your camping trips? We’re sure that many of you have already created a list, but for those that haven’t (or those who have but need to add a thing or two) we’ve compiled a list of items you should bring along with you on your next camping adventure! Feel free to add (or subtract) according to your particular needs/wants.


For the Road

Helmet & Liner (if it’s cold)

Headset – Bluetooth or Corded

Riding Jacket – Heated for Winter Riding, Mesh for Warm Riding. Removable Waterproof Liner if Needed.

Riding Pants –┬áHeated for Winter Riding. Removable Waterproof Liner if Needed.

Frogg Toggs (if applicable)

Gloves – Heated for Winter Riding

Cool Vest – Warm Riding


Waterproof Overshoe – Winter/Wet Riding

Riding Socks


GPS Navigation

Soakable Neck Tie – Warm Riding


At the Campsite

Moisture-wicking Shirt

Long Sleeve Shirt

Lightweight Parka



Hiking Shoes

Crew Socks – Bring Extra Just In Case

Pant/Short Hybrid

Bathing Suit

Canvas Safari Hat

Gloves – Cold Weather

Beanie – Cold Weather

Sweatshirt/Jacket – Depending on Weather

Fishing Equipment, if applicable


Camping Gear

Tent and Rain Tarp with Extra Stakes

Ground Tarp

Ground Pad, Inflatable Mattress OR Cot

Sleeping Bag

Hand Warmers – Toss in Bottom of Sleeping Bag on Cold Nights for Toasty Feet!


Camp Chair





Yummy Food and Seasonings

Coffee and/or Tea and condiments

Plate, Utensils, Mug

Can Opener

Camping Stove with Fuel

Bottle Opener

Cutting Board

Toiletries – Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss, Environmentally Friendly Soap/Shampoo, Nail Clippers, Deodorant)

Biodegradable wipes/toilet paper

Paper Towels



Matches and Lighter

Trash Bags


For the Bike

SafeRider Travel Kit

Tool Kit


Microfiber Cloth

Jumper Cables

Waterless Wash Kit – If You Want Your Wing Looking Clean But Don’t Have Any Other Means To Do So

Spare Clutch/Brake Levers and Bulbs/Fuses


Prescription Medication

SafeRider First-Aid Kit

Emergency Mini Safety Strobe


Epic ID Bracelet

Small Things That Are A Big Deal

Cell Phone


Ear Plugs – Especially When Camping with Your Buddies!



Spare Key

Reading Glasses

Kindle and/or a Book or Two

Eye Drops


Lip Balm with SPF


Chilly Pad


Insect Repellent

Spare Batteries for All Items That Require Them

Phone Charger

Zip Ties

Ziplock Baggies

Rubber Bands

That should just about do it. After all the stuff we need to pack, it’s a good thing we’re riding a Goldwing! Is there anything else that we forgot to include? Something additional that you bring with you on your camping trips? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. Above all, ride safe and enjoy the adventure!

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