17 of The World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles – Volume 3

17 of The World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles – Volume 3

The world is full of creative engineers, forward thinking artists, and out-of-the box designers. At the same time, it seems that so many people are simply not satisfied with the status quo. Add those together and throw in the main ingredient, bikes, and you get some of the most unusual – and in some cases, fake – motorcycles out there, in no particular order. But admit it, you wouldn’t mind test-riding, if not owning, some of these, would you? We’ve scoured the globe in search our good green earth’s most unique motorcycles in existence.

Can’t get enough of crazy cool unique bikes? Check out our first edition, 39 of the World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles and Volume 2. Without further ado, here’s our third edition of the World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles:

#17: The Vetter Streamliner


#16: The “Vancycle”


#15: The “Big Wheels”

Some people just never grow up!


#14: The “Tigger”

Funny-Motorcycle3-Joke-abadan-iran copy

#13: The “Jaguar”


#12: The “Cartoon-Cycle”


#11: The “Erector-Set-Cycle”


#10: The “Green Dragon”


#9: The “PoopCycle”

Now isn’t that convenient!


#8: The “Goldwing Custom Daredevil”

We’re not sure what he’s up to, but it can’t be any good. 


#7: The “BMW Sprint Bike

BMW sprint bike

#6: The “Vintage”

This sweet piece of history is actually for sale, if you can afford it.


#5: The “Steampunk”

World's First Motorcycle

#4: The “Crusher”

2015 - 1

#3: The “Loco-Cycle”


#2: The “Real American Hero”


#1: The “Stripped Goldwing”


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Is China Set To Make A Honda Goldwing Lookalike?

Is China Set To Make A Honda Goldwing Lookalike?


If you had to pick, what kind of motorcycle would you say this is? At first glimpse a casual observer might think it a GL1800, but any Winger worth their salt will immediately be able to tell that it’s anything other than a Goldwing. Still, you have to admit there are a lot of similarities. A lot. Maybe too many. What you are looking at, if the rumors turn out to be true, is a leaked image for a design patent from a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer. Jiangsu Xinri, a company that currently makes electric scooters, bicycles, and carts (as well as research into other electric applications) has supposedly taken on the challenge of creating what looks to be a “copy/paste,” wannabe, eco-friendly version of the Goldwing. By eco-friendly, we mean they plan to make it electric by installing battery packs and an electric motor.

We find this to be particularly interesting for a couple reasons. First among them: over the past couple of years, as electric technology for motorcycles has grown, we’ve asked all of you in our Goldwing community if you would consider owning an electric Wing should it ever be manufactured. The answer was a resounding, “No.” Chief among your reasons is that long-distance touring on an electric bike is a non-starter. After all, who wants to ride 200 miles or less on a charge, then be required to wait 8 hours or more for the batteries to recharge before setting off again? Sounds pretty inconvenient.

Other motorcycle companies such as Harley-Davidson and a handful of boutiquey manufacturers (Zero Motorcycles) have recently come out with MPG busting bikes (Project LiveWire) that have experienced positive receptions. We’re curious what kind of reception this “copycat” Goldwing will receive, not necessarily in the Goldwing community (we already have a good idea of that!), but with motorcycle riders in general. Perhaps it could gain popularity in certain countries or among a specific demographic.

What do you think?


Road Royalty: How The Kings of Comfort Stack Up

Road Royalty: How The Kings of Comfort Stack Up


The Honda Goldwing has long been hailed as the big dog on the block when it comes to touring in comfort and convenience. Ever since its release the Wing has crushed the competition. Other motorcycles are known for being lighter or faster or having a rugged look; but nothing beats, nothing compares to the luxury of riding cross country on a Goldwing. Or is there?

Over the years some would say that Harley and Indian motorcycles have steadily closed the gap. In Rider Magazine’s August 2015 issue three bikes are compared and contrasted to find out who the real “King of Comfort” is. The rides that are compared? The 2015 Harley Electra Glide Ultra Limited (what a mouthful), 2015 Honda Goldwing and the 2015 Indian Roadmaster. These are the largest, most decadent touring bikes you can get your gloves on. These are the cream of the riding crop. So who will come out on top?

For this particular comparison – and for good measure – they rode all three bikes together for over 1,200 miles through different kinds of terrain and environments in WingStuff’s fair state of California. Deserts, mountains, valleys, cold and hot weather. Our favorite stint would have to be when they rode through Yosemite National Park. Such incredibly awe-inspiring views. Talk about feeling one with nature. Just seeing the beautifully captured image of Bridalveil, El Capitan and Half Dome in the distance definitely inspires us to make a trip out there (See photo directly below).


The article goes on to compare the three in detail, from windscreen capability to audio quality. Stock seating positions including legs and feet, luggage capacity, handlebar positioning and a lot, lot more. Suffice it to say that their comparison of these three “road kings” cover just about everything. Not only do they cover the strengths of each bike, they also touch on their shortcomings. For example, they note that the Goldwing’s stock windshield allows buffeting when in the lower position and the configuration of the handlebars and engine limit the riders mobility.

“So what’s the verdict,” you’re probably asking. Is the Goldwing still King of the luxury touring hill? Has Harley and Indian reached the crest as well? Could it be possible that one has taken over as the best touring bike? Check out the full article, Rider Comparo: 2015 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited | 2015 Honda Gold Wing | 2015 Indian Roadmaster, in Rider Magazine’s August 2015 issue to find out their conclusion. In the meantime, we’d love to know what YOU think? Of course, we’re all a little biased when it comes to our bikes of choice, but how do you rank these three rides?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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