Life is All About Balance: Why Centramatic Might Be the Right Fit For You

Life is All About Balance: Why Centramatic Might Be the Right Fit For You


Traditionally, most of us probably grew up with the notion that, when balancing tires, we needed to have lead weights in them. It’s true that when they first leave the shop your new tires ought to be in perfect equilibrium, but as soon as they get some mileage they can quickly lose balance, even with the lead weights. Enter Centramatic Wheel Balancers, who has been a world leader in onboard wheel balancing for over 24 years. Centramatic is on a completely different level than traditional tire balancing solutions and here’s why.


First, the balancing discs are permanently mounted to your wheels. You install them once for the life of your Goldwing. You read that right. Whenever you’re riding they are continuously and dynamically working to keep your tires balanced. Time for new tires? No problem. Simply keep the Centramatic discs on your wheels, replace the tires, and keep on riding mile after mile.

Second, mounting them is a breeze. The ideal time to install them is when getting new tires. Take the old tires off along with your wheels, mount the balancers behind the rotors (no pre-balancing required), put the new tires on and you’re ready to roll!


Having this product on your motorcycle will allow your tires to develop wear evenly, reducing the occurrence and sensation of tire cupping and erratic wear. As a result, the life of your tires will be drastically extended by 25% to 50%! Customers consistently tell us they get about 20,000-30,000 miles out of their tires since installing CentramaticsWhen you invest in these you will also experience lower tire temperatures by 8% to 10%, improved braking, increased stability, reduced vibration and increased tire footprint & grip on turns. And the 5 year unlimited mileage warranty certainly doesn’t hurt!

You may be wondering at this point, “How do they work?” Good question! Each disc is equipped with on-board centrifugal balancers made with lead free durametal balancing media, which might sound complex but the process is quite simple, really. As the wheel turns, the balancers inside each disc ring naturally position themselves in the optimal spot to keep the entire assembly balanced. If there’s an imbalance on a particular area of the tire, for example, the balancers will shift to the opposite site of the imbalance, immediately restoring equilibrium.


We all know that the Goldwing is already one of the best handling motorcycles in the world, but when adding Centramatic to it you quickly realize an improvement. Whether you ride frequently (daily commuter), occasionally, or love a nice long road trip you can’t help but appreciate this. The type of riding the Goldwing community enjoys – taking week long trips covering thousands of miles – lends itself to Centramatic Balancers because the ride is more fluid, the tires last longer, rider & co-rider fatigue is lessened, handling is better and the overall experience is more enjoyable.

If you ever thought your motorcycle couldn’t get any smoother, think again. Centramatic Wheel Balancers: The open road never felt so good!