Road Trip Preppers: Summer Riding Edition

Road Trip Preppers: Summer Riding Edition


Summer is fully upon us and what better time to take your Goldwing on a nice, long road trip! We all know that there’s nothing else like life on the open road, especially on your Wing. The only questions to ask yourself now is, “Where to?” and “What to bring?”

Now, we’re sure many of you have already been on one or more trips so far and others who have already planned your summer trip and are eagerly awaiting the big day. If that’s you, feel free to sound off in the comments section below and help out other riders out there who may have the road trip itch but aren’t quite sure where they want to go. Let us know where you’ve traveled/plan on traveling this riding seasoned any other insights you want to offer.


Obviously, when planning your trip it’s important to bring the right stuff. Although it sounds appealing in theory to simply hop on your bike and hit the road, we all know that a successful venture begins with a bit of proper planning. Below, we’ve added a sampling of great travel items that we suggest for your next adventure, just to get things started, but what else would you suggest? What are your essential “must haves” that you won’t leave home without? Let us know in the comments section below.

Beverage-Butler    HyperKewl-Vest    SafeRider-Travel-Kit

Polar-Bear-Cooler    HyperKewl-Neck-Tie    SafeRider-Emergency-Kit


Short or far, it’s all about the ride, the experience, the memories and the destination. Ride safe and have a great summer!