Could the Next Honda Goldwing be a Hybrid?

According to RideApart, Honda recently filed a new patent for a motorcycle trike with a Hybrid engine. The design drawings submitted show the front wheels lo oking somewhat similar to the Can-Am Spyder but the overall look is even closer to the Piaggio MP3.


This newest development causes us to ask…what’s next? If Honda is able to master a hybrid engine in a new three-wheel bike, how long will it be until they put one into our beloved Goldwing? Of course, it would still need to be powerful and efficient, but imagine being able to ride even longer between fill-ups. As the article from RideApart states, that could be a “true game changer.”

Over a year ago, in April of 2016, published an article which discussed the possibility, based on previous patents submitted by Honda, of a Goldwing Hybrid option for the next generation bike. According to the article, “The hybrid version removes the front two cylinders from the engine, leaving a 1200cc flat-four, and in their place puts a large generator unit, bolted straight to the crankshaft. This unit harvests electricity when the engine is on the overrun or the bike is slowing down, storing it in relatively small batteries and then reusing it when it’s needed for acceleration. The overall length of the engine and generator is virtually the same as the normal six-cylinder unit, allowing it to be fitted into the same chassis, and should provide similar performance while offering increases in economy and fuel range.” You can read the full article here.


The benefits of a hybrid engine are numerous. In the long run, you’d save a decent amount of change on gas, contribute less CO2 emissions, and release less exhaust into our environment. In addition, the rider would likely experience instant torque and, given that the Goldwing is a top-of-the-line motorcycle, we probably wouldn’t see diminished performance. Likely, the cost to buy a new hybrid Wing would be greater than if it was a traditional engine, but state and federal tax credits will help offset that. Although not always the case, hybrid vehicles also tend to have higher resale values than their traditional counterparts. It would be a win/win/win!


What do you think about a hybrid Wing? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

For the full details regarding the new patent and design, check out the RideApart article: Honda Hybrid Electric Three Wheel Vehicle On the Way?

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