What’s Next? Is Honda Ramping Up for a Big Reveal?

A few months ago, buzz about a possible new Honda Goldwing started making the rounds on Social Media and Wing-centric forums like theglforum.com. Questionably photoshopped images abounded, claiming to be the updated version.

However, there has been no clear public indication from Honda to suggest something new is coming. Until now.


It’s no secret that Honda keeps things close to the vest. But there have been rumblings of secret viewings and test rides of the new model. What it will be called is anyone’s guess…GL1800 3rd Gen? Earlier this week, Honda started teasing a new announcement to be made at the end of October. What could it be? Some speculate a long rumored electric scooter or hybrid trike NeoWing. Others wonder if it might be a throwback bike. But our money is on the new Wing.


You can check out their press release here.

The first of the five video series is available to watch below and we noticed something interesting that serves to support our belief that the new Goldwing is going to be announced. Give it a watch then continue reading below.

As you watch, notice how the other Honda models in the video are current except for the quick Goldwing shots. From :14-:16 we briefly see a vintage Wing (can you guess the model?) as it passes another Honda bike on the road. Then from 1:05-1:09 we see the same Wing. No current GL model is to be found (the closest thing is the F6B) Why would all the other models in this video be newer models except the Goldwing? Could it be a subtle clue?

What do you think? Let us know by commenting below. We’d love to hear from you!

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