Spoilers Ahead: New Images of the 2018 Goldwing Leaked Online?

If you want to be surprised when the new 2108 Honda Goldwing is unveiled later in October, read no further. You have been warned 😉


Anticipation for the new version of Honda’s flagship motorcycle has been building for, well, years really. Many Wingers are still skeptical that Honda will actually unveil an updated version next month. However, the following are claimed to be “leaked” photos.



GLRiders.com, a Goldwing forum that we sponsor, broke the news earlier this year thanks to a member whose friend, he wrote, took part in a hush-hush viewing and test ride of the updated bike.



Now we get our first look at what is claimed to be the newly designed Wing thanks to inter web sleuths who somehow tracked these down.


The front end reminds us a bit of the BMW K-Series touring motorcycles.



Some of the photos look to show the Wing without a clutch lever, which leads us to wonder if the long-rumored 7-speed DCT are true. If so, hopefully it will be an optional.



We’d love to know what you all in the Goldiwng community think. Leave us a comment below!

One thought on “Spoilers Ahead: New Images of the 2018 Goldwing Leaked Online?

  1. This is very exciting for so many reasons. I currently own a 2008 Wing and love it, so I’ve been a bit apprehensive of how the new Wing will look based on artist’s speculations. IF these images are true, then I’m glad…I think this is a nice evolution of our beloved Wing while still maintaining some of the beauty of the latest models. I frankly am glad the front suspension looks relatively normal instead of the strange articulating one that has shown up in recent months in speculations. I’ve been a little nervous that Honda would modernize it to the point of being ugly…I think the Wing is beautiful bike and although these images show more sporty angles, I like it! And I love the dash…

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