The New 2018 Goldwing: Breaking Down the Specs (We Think)

As we move closer and closer to the expected announcement of the newly redesigned Honda Goldwing (and feeling rather confident, at this point, that the rumors are true) has taken it upon itself to delve in to the images that are available online and break down what we think will be on the new bike. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the leaked pictures that were released last month and generously speculate on what we all can expect to see on the new Wing. To be clear, this isn’t inside information. Or is it? Just kidding, it’s not. We are all so excited for the release (fingers crossed). I mean really excited. Next week, once the bike is actually announced, we will post a follow-up article to this one where we will examine what we got right, what we got wrong, and what we totally missed. So keep an eye out.

Front End


Power Windshield – This front facing image clearly shows us that the new Wing will have a power windshield! More circumstantial evidence to support this later.

You can also see the back of the mechanism at the top of the dash that may or may not have to do with some kind of Driver Assist. Some think it’s just venting. In this image it’s flush with the dash, but in a later picture you will see it raised. We talk more about it below. If it is, in fact, some sort of sensing device similar to what is in Honda’s cars then there would probably be an additional sensor somewhere on the front , possibly in between the headlights?


With the body of the bike removed and the guts revealed we start to get a better idea of the technology that Honda has put in to their redesign. It looks to have what is called a stick shaker, which further supports the idea that it has something similar to the Honda Sensing technology. In other words, the new bike would have the ability to see the lane ahead and keep you from drifting out of it. If not that, perhaps it’ll include some form of adaptive cruise control.

Its flat-six engine and twin-spar frame look the same, but the Hossack-style front suspension is new.

Display Control Panel


It looks like the new Wing will have heated seat and grip options as evidenced by the buttons at the bottom left and right. The bottom center button will alternate between your headset and speakers. We expect the bike to have integrated bluetooth as well, but hopefully it will also still offer a corded headset option for those of us who like to plug in directly.

At the top of the console where the key usually goes there is an on/off and accessory nob. To us, this is the most interesting part of this section. We think this bike will be keyless. You will probably have a fob that it will sense and you will simply mount your Wing, turn it on and ride. It’ll be that easy.

Right Handlebar Controls


We can see there will be your typical cruise control buttons and 4-way or hazard lights. Of course, there will also be the kill-switch. But the intriguing buttons, for us, are the ones in the middle. Although it’s difficult to clearly see the letters/symbols, by taking a closer look and comparing this with Honda’s Africa Twin, we anticipate the 2018 Wing to at least have the option of a DCT Automatic. You’ll be able to choose between manual and automatic and drive or sport mode. The manual mode, of course, will involve the use of paddle shifters as evidenced on the left handlebar controls below.

This raises a couple questions. Will there still be a traditional, true manual option? Current motorcycle trends (and one image below) suggest that they will offer both but I guess we’ll just have to wait a whole agonizing week to find out. Secondly, will it be a five speed or a six?

Left Handlebar Controls


The left side has a lot more going on. In the center we see a cluster of buttons that will control your music, maps, CB and the like. You also have your left and right signals below, which will be self-cancelling. We think the topmost right button will be for the power windshield.

To the left there is the horn and a phone and/or “speak” button which will allow you to make and receive phone calls. We’re hoping it’ll be able to pair via bluetooth to our phones. The “speak” ability, which is common in many cars, allow the rider to speak commands rather than using a touch screen display. For example, if you want to listen to a particular radio station you would hit the “speak” button then say AM 710 and it would go to that station. Or you could say “Call WingStuff” and it would place the call. You get the idea. Of course, you would likely need an integrated headset to make it work while on the road, but it would make multitasking on the go more convenient and a lot safer.

You can also see a thumb-activated downshifter on the bottom left. Most likely, if the Africa Twin is any indication, the index activated upshifter will probably be on the front side.

Then there are a few “mystery” switches that we’re not too sure about. There’s the rocker switch, top left, whose symbol looks to be a straight line. We think it’s to raise and lower the contraption above the dash that we mentioned earlier (more on that below). To the right of the music/maps control cluster there looks to be some sort of rider assist button. It could be one of a few things: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) System or maybe a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) System. It’s hard to tell.


Or it could just be the reverse button, which is probably more likely since it does kind of look like an “R”. Just below that there looks to be a return/back button. Then there is the rectangular looking switch. No idea what that is. At the bottom there is a button with a Goldwing symbol which will be either ride height adjustment or
maybe auto braking. Again, the icons are so small it’s hard to tell.

On To the Dash


Here we see several LED displays which give the rider a wealth of information right in front of them. In the center is the main display which will house maps, radio/music, etc. Just to the right of that there’s another display that says “TOUR.” With a DCT the rider will be able to set different modes depending on what kind of riding they plan on doing (Touring, Sport, Eco. etc.) for greater control. To the right of that you can see an icon of what looks like a man sitting. This probably has to do with ride height adjustment. Another thing to note is that because the dash extends farther out, the speakers are placed a bit lower than the ones on the previous model.

For this section, the thing that grabs our attention most is the vent looking piece on top of the dash. What is that? Is it really just some vents? As we noted earlier when examining the left control, we think this is some sort of radar, camera or combination of the two to capture the lane ahead, much like how Honda Sensing works in their cars.

In the image below we see it in the raised position


There will be a driver backrest available and the passenger backrest seems to be much higher.


In this image, there looks to be a clutch lever, which lends to the belief that the new Wing will come in two different iterations: DCT or true manual. However, it might just be a parking brake like the DCT Africa Twin has.

On the top of the trunk there is a mysterious piece that could be some sort of camera. We’re not entirely sure about that.

The list goes on and on. There are so many updates and improvements it’s hard to keep track. And that’s only from what we’ve seen from these images. What are you most excited about? Are there things you think we missed? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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