Shop & Win: Baker Built Air Wings

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Would you like to win a Complete Air Management System from Baker Built Air Wings? Of course you would! Spend $299 or more with between October 16 and October 31, 2018 and you will be automatically entered to win. That’s right, it’s that easy.
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The contest is open to all customers worldwide. We will choose one lucky winner during the first week of November 2018. The winner will be contacted via email from someone on our customer service staff. Good Luck!
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Here at WingStuff, Baker Built has always been one of our favorite solutions for air management. Here is what WingStuff Owner and President, Rick Arnoldo, has to say about Baker Built products:
“I’ve been enjoying the added comfort of Baker Built products on all of my bikes over the years. Baker Built Air Wings look great and really work to help control the air flow.
Baker Built is a must have comfort item to control air to the rider and co-rider on a Goldwing. It is by far my favorite air management system.”
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Baker Built Air Wings for the Goldwing motorcycle are scratch resistant and break resistant. Easy to install, they deflect cold air away or toward the rider and co-rider. These are one of the best Goldwing accessory items on the market.
Rated # 1 by Motorcycle Consumer News magazine as the brand that REALLY works!
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Shop for Baker Built Air Products Here employees, their families, & affilates are not eligible.
The Unending Appeal of the Original Goldwing

The Unending Appeal of the Original Goldwing

6 Reasons Why We Love the GL1000

There’s something timeless and alluring about the original Wing, isn’t there? The same can be said about many different classic motorcycles like World War I and World War II-era Harleys, 1930s Royal Enfields or even the Honda Super Cub. What is it that attracts us to these bikes, particularly the beloved GL1000? I’m sure each of us have our reasons; some we share in common and others that we don’t. In honor of the original Wing, we’ve come up with 1000 reasons (okay just kidding)…6 reasons why the original Goldwing will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Reason 1: It marks the beginning of our Goldwing adventure

Whether your love affair with the Goldwing has been decades, years, or only months, the GL1000 represents the birth of a legendary motorcycle.  When it was first released, it was considered to be a huge bike. Today, it looks rather diminutive when parked next to a GL1800. Still, at launch in the mid-70s the GL1000 was a bike like no other. It brought with it a sense of possibility and unmatched adventure that endures to this day!
Do you remember the first time you mounted a Goldwing and took it for a test ride? Share your memory with us in the comments below!

Reason 2: A walk down memory lane

For many of us, the image of the original GL conjures up feelings of nostalgia, youthfulness, freedom, anticipation and excitement. If you actually owned one back then or since, you probably have many fond memories of cruising down some unnamed road with it, making new friends or meeting your future spouse and taking them for a ride on the back! Could it be that the image tricks us, if even for a fleeting moment, into imagining we are young again?
What about you? What feelings or emotions do you experience when looking at or thinking about a GL1000? Do you have any memories you’d like to share about riding one?

Reason 3: It’s visually stunning

The first official Goldwing was designed to be as minimalist and conventional as possible. And it showed! No frills, no pomp and circumstance, just a large bike (by 1970s standards) that was ready to take you where you wanted to go. The lines of the bike were sleek and everything about it was pleasing to the eye. It’s no surprise, really, when you consider that Honda spent two years developing this wholly new concept with clay mockups, diligent engineering and conceptual designs. It was like a roaring 20s Rolls Royce on two wheels!

Reason 4: The allure of rarity

Are you one of those people who love collecting rare items? These days, tracking down the original production year 1975 GL1000 that is still in good shape is difficult. They tend to either be heavily modified which many riders are ok with (think cafe racers) or need to be completely restored which, again, many of us are fine with and welcome the challenge (see Reason 5). Either way, doing a quick search on Craigslist or your favorite classic-motorcycle-selling-site makes it pretty clear that there aren’t many left in the wild. It seems as if we are drawn to rarity like a moth to a flame.

Reason 5: It represents a challenge to overcome

As mentioned above in Reason 4, many of the GL1000s that exist today need to be partially or fully restored. For many Goldwing riders with calluses and grime from years of working on their bikes, it is just the challenge they welcome.

Reason 6: It Was An Engineering Feat

The original Wing was an ambitious endeavor by Honda to create a performance-based grand touring motorcycle unlike any other. In many ways it was their motorcycle of firsts: It was Honda’s first liquid-cooled bike and its first with a horizontally opposed engine with overhead camshafts. The engineers were presented with numerous hurdles and obstacles along the way, but overcame each one to end up with a stunning, iconic bike.
What did we miss? What other reasons do you have for loving the original Goldwing? Let us know by commenting below!