Favorite Motorcycle Memory – Part 3


We forget many things in life, but for those of us who ride, there are certain memories with our bikes that will stay with us forever. So what about you? What’s one of your favorite motorcycle memories?

Below is a sampling of favorite motorcycle memories from riders like you. Take a minute to read their stories and you’ll probably find yourself thinking, “Something like that happened to me too!” If you feel so inclined, leave the community one of your most fond riding memories in the comment section below. Who knows, it just might be featured in our next Motorcycle Memory blog.

Michael from California:

“Started riding at 13. That’s me on my Hodaka at 15. At 63, I ride a 450X off-road, an a 2008 GL1800 on-road (below)”

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Dan from Oregon:

“My first bike was a brand new ’64 Honda 250 Hawk I’d saved for 2 years to buy at the age of 14. My stepdad grudgingly drove the old Chevy 1-ton farm pickup into town and we hauled the Hawk back home from the dealer. I unloaded it by myself (no small feat) and immediately had to park it as there were chores to be done the rest of the day. Along near dusk we got back to the house and I straddled the motorcycle, bumped the starter button, and listened to that zero-time engine purr like a kitten. I’m sure I had an ear to ear grin but nobody noticed, or cared one way or the other.

I babied the bike up the driveway and onto the gravel road, heading tentatively up the canyon for a brief first-ride at about 15 mph. About 1/4 mile from the house a white tail doe ran across the road in front of me. I locked up the rear wheel and applied as much front brake as I dared in the gravel. The doe paused in the road and just as I came to a stop the front tire gently bumped her hind leg. The startled animal kicked the tire and bounded up the hillside…neither of us worse for wear. She left me with a hoof print on my tire and a story to tell about the first ride on my first motorcycle!”

goldragon1329 from PA:

“Taking my wife for our first ride together.”



“The first time I went full throttle launch on my 2003 GSXR 600, it felt like a cartoon and the bike was gonna jump out from under me and take off leaving me sitting in the air looking at it. I think I was grinning for days.”

Les from TN:

“My granddaughter and I on our first MC trip together on my previous 1500…”

CIMG0008 CIMG0009

What about you? What is one of your favorite motorcycle memories? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below and you could be featured in one of our future blogs!