Wingin’ It: Picking Up Your Fallen Wing


Disclaimer: strongly recommends that you DO NOT try to lift your Goldwing to an upright position on your own, especially if you have a history of health issues (back, knee, etc.) or are currently experiencing health problems. Ask for help. The following article (including videos) is for entertainment only. It is not authorized technical data. 

In a recent post, It’s All About Safety: Why We Crash – How One Study Can Help Us Ride Safe, we discovered that a lot of motorcyclists tend to drop their bikes at some point. At least that’s what this study suggested. This also happens to be a big fear for some Goldwing riders, understandably so, since it’s so heavy. Some may feel a certain amount of embarrassment, but you are not the first nor the last to do it.

Another aspect to accidentally dropping your Wing is the damage it may cause. You love your Goldwing and want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as humanly possible. To be honest, when laid down there will most likely be some degree of damage but usually pretty negligible. We’re talking about dropping it at low or no speed here. More often than not, your Wing will make contact with the ground in two spots: the engine guard and crash bar.

The first thing to keep in mind when dropping your Wing is that it’s not that big of a deal as long as you and your co-rider are okay. As I stated above, lots of Wingers have done it, even more are afraid of doing it and plenty riders will do it in the future. There are even a handful of YouTube videos about it with millions of views so that should tell you something. We’ve included them in this blog. These clips do a bang-up job explaining how to lift your Wing to its upright position so take a look and let us know what you think!

As always, ride safe!

19 of the World’s Weirdest (Or Coolest) Motorcycles

19 of the World’s Weirdest (Or Coolest) Motorcycles

The world is full of creative engineers, forward thinking artists, and out-of-the box designers. At the same time, it seems that so many people are simply not satisfied with the status quo. Add those together and throw in the main ingredient, bikes, and you get some of the most unusual – and in some cases, fake – motorcycles out there, in no particular order. But admit it, you wouldn’t mind test-riding, if not owning, some of these, would you?

Can’t get enough of crazy cool unique bikes? Check out our first edition, 39 of the World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles. Thirsty for more? Here’s Volume 2 & Volume 3. Without further ado, here’s our fourth edition of the World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles:

#19: The My Little Pony


#18: The Wallclimber



#17: The Bi-Car Bike


#16: The Sabertooth-Cycle


#15: The Cycle Shop Cycle


#14: The Guitar-Cycle


#13: The “MowerCycle”


#11: The Steed


#10: The Egyptian


#9: The Ford-Wing


#8: The Ghost Rider


#7: The Dark Knight


#6: The SkeleCycle


#5: The Showboat


#4: The Smoker-On-Wheels


#3: The Gatorator


#2: The Prehistoric


#1: The Goldwing Custom Trike


Tell us what you think? Which was your favorite? Do you have any photos of motorcycles that might content with the Weirdest (Or Coolest) in the world? Let us know! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Can’t get enough of the World’s Weirdest (or Coolest) Motorcycles? Check out our first edition HERE!

Could the Next Honda Goldwing be a Hybrid?

Could the Next Honda Goldwing be a Hybrid?

According to RideApart, Honda recently filed a new patent for a motorcycle trike with a Hybrid engine. The design drawings submitted show the front wheels lo oking somewhat similar to the Can-Am Spyder but the overall look is even closer to the Piaggio MP3.


This newest development causes us to ask…what’s next? If Honda is able to master a hybrid engine in a new three-wheel bike, how long will it be until they put one into our beloved Goldwing? Of course, it would still need to be powerful and efficient, but imagine being able to ride even longer between fill-ups. As the article from RideApart states, that could be a “true game changer.”

Over a year ago, in April of 2016, published an article which discussed the possibility, based on previous patents submitted by Honda, of a Goldwing Hybrid option for the next generation bike. According to the article, “The hybrid version removes the front two cylinders from the engine, leaving a 1200cc flat-four, and in their place puts a large generator unit, bolted straight to the crankshaft. This unit harvests electricity when the engine is on the overrun or the bike is slowing down, storing it in relatively small batteries and then reusing it when it’s needed for acceleration. The overall length of the engine and generator is virtually the same as the normal six-cylinder unit, allowing it to be fitted into the same chassis, and should provide similar performance while offering increases in economy and fuel range.” You can read the full article here.


The benefits of a hybrid engine are numerous. In the long run, you’d save a decent amount of change on gas, contribute less CO2 emissions, and release less exhaust into our environment. In addition, the rider would likely experience instant torque and, given that the Goldwing is a top-of-the-line motorcycle, we probably wouldn’t see diminished performance. Likely, the cost to buy a new hybrid Wing would be greater than if it was a traditional engine, but state and federal tax credits will help offset that. Although not always the case, hybrid vehicles also tend to have higher resale values than their traditional counterparts. It would be a win/win/win!


What do you think about a hybrid Wing? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

For the full details regarding the new patent and design, check out the RideApart article: Honda Hybrid Electric Three Wheel Vehicle On the Way?

Road Trip Preppers: Summer Riding Edition

Road Trip Preppers: Summer Riding Edition


Summer is fully upon us and what better time to take your Goldwing on a nice, long road trip! We all know that there’s nothing else like life on the open road, especially on your Wing. The only questions to ask yourself now is, “Where to?” and “What to bring?”

Now, we’re sure many of you have already been on one or more trips so far and others who have already planned your summer trip and are eagerly awaiting the big day. If that’s you, feel free to sound off in the comments section below and help out other riders out there who may have the road trip itch but aren’t quite sure where they want to go. Let us know where you’ve traveled/plan on traveling this riding seasoned any other insights you want to offer.


Obviously, when planning your trip it’s important to bring the right stuff. Although it sounds appealing in theory to simply hop on your bike and hit the road, we all know that a successful venture begins with a bit of proper planning. Below, we’ve added a sampling of great travel items that we suggest for your next adventure, just to get things started, but what else would you suggest? What are your essential “must haves” that you won’t leave home without? Let us know in the comments section below.

Beverage-Butler    HyperKewl-Vest    SafeRider-Travel-Kit

Polar-Bear-Cooler    HyperKewl-Neck-Tie    SafeRider-Emergency-Kit


Short or far, it’s all about the ride, the experience, the memories and the destination. Ride safe and have a great summer!

Surviving the Winter Months

Surviving the Winter Months

For many of us, we’re in the thick of winter weather. Matter of fact, as I write this, we are in the midst of the second of three Pacific storms headed our way this week. Earlier this afternoon there was a hailstorm followed by flashes of lightning and claps of rumbling, rolling thunder that shook our building. Obviously, for us living in southern California, that is a rarity. Of course, some of you are either blessed with temperate weather through the winter months or continue to ride regardless. For the rest of us, we’ve had to store away our Wings until Spring. Ok, not here in California, but you get the picture.

Not too long ago we posted an article on how to prepare your Goldwing for this time of year. You can read it here. But what about you, the rider? What do you do now that your ride is hibernating? How do you spend the hours that you would normally be out there on the road? Do you plan your next big road trip? Do you jump on the forums with your fellow riders and swap stories or discuss technical questions? Maybe you visit WingStuff and look for all the items you want for next riding season? Or perhaps it’s something else entirely. Whatever it is, let us know how you cope during the winter months and let’s commiserate in the comments below!

Favorite Motorcycle Memory – Part 3


We forget many things in life, but for those of us who ride, there are certain memories with our bikes that will stay with us forever. So what about you? What’s one of your favorite motorcycle memories?

Below is a sampling of favorite motorcycle memories from riders like you. Take a minute to read their stories and you’ll probably find yourself thinking, “Something like that happened to me too!” If you feel so inclined, leave the community one of your most fond riding memories in the comment section below. Who knows, it just might be featured in our next Motorcycle Memory blog.

Michael from California:

“Started riding at 13. That’s me on my Hodaka at 15. At 63, I ride a 450X off-road, an a 2008 GL1800 on-road (below)”

10423698_910261532348321_8074915585524341013_n copy

Dan from Oregon:

“My first bike was a brand new ’64 Honda 250 Hawk I’d saved for 2 years to buy at the age of 14. My stepdad grudgingly drove the old Chevy 1-ton farm pickup into town and we hauled the Hawk back home from the dealer. I unloaded it by myself (no small feat) and immediately had to park it as there were chores to be done the rest of the day. Along near dusk we got back to the house and I straddled the motorcycle, bumped the starter button, and listened to that zero-time engine purr like a kitten. I’m sure I had an ear to ear grin but nobody noticed, or cared one way or the other.

I babied the bike up the driveway and onto the gravel road, heading tentatively up the canyon for a brief first-ride at about 15 mph. About 1/4 mile from the house a white tail doe ran across the road in front of me. I locked up the rear wheel and applied as much front brake as I dared in the gravel. The doe paused in the road and just as I came to a stop the front tire gently bumped her hind leg. The startled animal kicked the tire and bounded up the hillside…neither of us worse for wear. She left me with a hoof print on my tire and a story to tell about the first ride on my first motorcycle!”

goldragon1329 from PA:

“Taking my wife for our first ride together.”



“The first time I went full throttle launch on my 2003 GSXR 600, it felt like a cartoon and the bike was gonna jump out from under me and take off leaving me sitting in the air looking at it. I think I was grinning for days.”

Les from TN:

“My granddaughter and I on our first MC trip together on my previous 1500…”

CIMG0008 CIMG0009

What about you? What is one of your favorite motorcycle memories? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below and you could be featured in one of our future blogs!

My Favorite Motorcycle Memory

My Favorite Motorcycle Memory

Motorcycle Memories

One of my favorite motorcycle memories will always be the very first time I rode a motorcycle as a kid. You see, I began dreaming of owning and riding a motorcycle at the tender age of 14. At the time, most of my friends were riding off-road motorcycles, or dirt bikes. Of course, I didn’t have one, mainly because my mom felt it was just too dangerous. My father, on the other hand, didn’t mind. But mom had the final say, and it was a resounding “NO!” (Big surprise on both counts!).

However, I didn’t give up. I started riding my bicycle like a dirt bike! With determination, I became pretty adept at jumping trash cans with ramps and banking hairpin turns. After watching a local motocross racer practice every evening at a practice track near where I lived, I resolved to get my own bike. I read every motorcycle magazine I could get my grubby little 14 year old hands on and never stopped asking people if they had one to spare.

At that time, my uncle and I had a routine where he’d pick me up on Saturday mornings and take me to different places each time. One Saturday, to my surprise, he took me to the Honda shop to look at dirt bikes. I threw my leg over a Honda XR75, gripped the handlebars tight, closed my eyes and imagined I was out there on the racetrack, leading the pack and basking in the adoration of all my fans. Just as I thought we were going to leave, my uncle gestured toward the bike and asked me, “Do you want that?”

Wait, what?

Are you kidding me?! Do I want that?!? I couldn’t believe what was happening. It felt so surreal. Of course I wanted it! I had been dreaming and scheming and obsessing for this very thing and all I wanted was to have it. I don’t think I ever wanted anything more up to that point.

Turns out, he and my grandmother were secretly putting money aside each month without me knowing, with a plan to make my dream come true. I can still remember how touched I was by their seemingly random act of kindness. It’s something that I will never forget. In fact, even to this day it encourages me and inspires me to do the same.

So they rolled that XR75 into the service department and a few minutes later it was prepped and ready to ride. Funny now that I think about it…while we were waiting for the bike my uncle turned to me and asked, “So, do you know how to ride it?”

“You bet I do!” I exclaimed.

To be completely honest though, it was my first time on a motorcycle, so naturally I stalled out a few times in the beginning. I was filled to overflowing with a nervous excitement, enhanced by my adolescent hormones. Do you remember how that felt? Soon enough, however, I was riding and shifting around the parking lot. I can still remember my mom’s face as we came home with the bike like it was yesterday: Unhappy would be a gross understatement. But we wore her down. I believe she saw how elated I was and she finally gave in. And the rest is history.



Little did I realize at that time that it would change my life. It wasn’t long after that I was fixing my own bikes, racing motocross, and helping my friends maintain theirs. I owned so many dirt bikes in the years that followed, some might consider it ridiculous. But you can’t help what you love, right?


My uncle and my grandmother allowed my dream to come true. They gave me an opportunity and to this day there’s nothing I want to do more than ride my motorcycles!

Thanks to Uncle Frank and my grandmother, both of whom will forever be in my heart…

– Rick

What about you? What is one of your favorite motorcycle memories? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below and you could be featured in one of our future blogs!